Where are you based?

I’m currently based out of Indianapolis, Indiana.  There is no travel fee attached to Bloomington or Lafayette clients.  Other cities may require a travel fee and/or deposit. 


What kinds of clients do you see?

I happily see clients from all walks of life, including couples.  I do not accept any clients under the age eighteen(18), nor any clients who are disrespectful.

I am welcoming to clients of all abilities. I can accommodate such issues as social anxiety, autism spectrum disorders, or physical disabilities. Please let me know in advance of your appointment so that we can discuss how best to accommodate your needs.

I am also kink friendly, however if you’re interested in kink related activities, it is mandatory that you let me know in advance.


Will you come to my house/apartment?

Yes.  I only offer outcall at this point in time.


Do you accept gifts?

Yes, Absolutely!  Feel free to ask for my wishlist if you are so inclined.


How do you feel about drugs and alcohol?

I’m happy to share a bottle of wine, however I make a point not to drink too much during, or before an appointment.   For safety reasons, please open all drinks in front of me and abstain from bringing opened bottles of wine. I always avoid illegal drugs. 


Is it really you in those pictures?

Absolutely!  My hair is prone to frequent change, but I do my best to provide up to date pictures.


How should I prepare for my appointment?

Attention to personal grooming is highly appreciated. You should arrive to your appointment with a clean body, clean clothes, and clean teeth.    For incalls, if you need to freshen up before festivities begin, you are welcome to take a quick shower.

Where can I see your advertisements?

The Erotic Review